• Patient Name: :Sandra Joseph, Dubai
    Ailment : Severe Migraines/Chronic Breast pain
    Healer :Prakash Balgopal

    I have experienced severe migraines since the age of 12 which have caused me to miss many days of school and work in life. I am an over achiever and someone who is driven. Over the years I have tried to ignore the migraines and have sought various medical treatments in different countries without any success. In April 2004, I could not tolerate the pain any longer and by chance found a magazine article on the Pranic Centre in Dubai .

    My first treatment was on April 10, 2004 during which my severe migraine was reduced by about 95 percent. However the pain lingered on my head very much as if I were wearing a helmet. The pain continued at this rate until about April18, 2004 and I decided that another treatment was necessary because I was ready to drill into my brain to relieve the pressure. During the second treatment on April 20, 2004 the pain seem to be "vacuumed out of my ears". The pain in my breasts intensified during this second treatment.

    Condition Post Pranic Treatment: The severe pain in my head disappeared two days after the treatment. It has not returned yet as of May 16, 2004. The pain in my breasts continue from time to time still. Since April 22, 2004, I have experienced severe business set- backs, deaths of business associates, crippling blockages of income illness and surgery of a parent and a schedule laden with responsibilities and commitments. Despite the shortage of sleep and extreme stress I have not had a hint of a stress headache or migraine. Instead people around me have complimented me on how nice I look and how "charged" I am in the face of adversity. Perhaps some of this can be attributed to adrenaline but I seriously doubt it.

    Dr. Prakash of GMCKS Pranic Energy Healing Centre has been kind enough to call me on the second day of my first treatment to enquire about my well being and adjustment to the treatment. I have subsequently taken clients to him from far away places such as Germany and continue to refer clients of different nationalities who would not normally believe in such "alternative treatments". However, I am pleased with what I have experienced and a life without pain is a blessing to me.

    Thank you Dr. Prakash

  • Patient Name: :Raja Asfour, Dubai
    Ailment : Coronary Artery Disease
    Healer :Prakash Balgopal

    On April 1990 I had a heart attack due to blockage on the left heart arteries. On January 2000 I needed emergency Angioplasty with stent opening, for another blockage, and the doctor told me there was another blockage that will need stent opening in one year's time.

    In October 2002 I started Pranic healing with Mr. Prakash for a period of six months. Same time the symptom disappeared and I am having more physical activities with no cardiac discomfort. I feel more fit and active. I don't need the stent opening and reduced my medication to the least.

  • Patient Name: :Khalid Ibrahim Al Amer, Dubai (U.A.E)
    Ailment : Fracture on cervical spine (C5) MRI shows C5 C6 Disc being with reverse cervical lordosis.
    Healer :Prakash Balgopal

    Mr. Khalid Ibrahim Al Amer was referred to us with the above mentioned problems which occurred when the car being driven by him met with an accident and turned over.
    We did Pranic Healing on him for around three months thrice a week. Within the first two
    weeks of treatment the pain reduced considerably. After the treatment was complete,
    we adviced him to do a medical examination to determine the extant of the healing.

    The MRI of the cervical spine post Pranic Healing revealed age appropriate changes. No disc prolapse or tumor was noticed nor any clinical neurologic degeneration.

    The disc bulge on C5 and C 6 had disappeared completely. The fracture on C5 was completely healed. This note is being written on his behalf, as he is unable to express himself freely in English

    Medical Test Reports has been enclosed by the patient.

  • Patient Name: :J.E. Mathew, Dubai
    Ailment : Enlarged Prostate with two nodules
    Healer :Prakash Balgopal

    Diagnosis: Enlarged Prostraste with two nodules and raised P.S.A. level (Prostate specific antigen in the blood - 10.1 ng/ml)

    Post Pranic Healing:Urinary symptoms reduced remarkably. One nodule completely disappeared. P.S.A level in blood dropped to 4.9 ng/ml, which is almost normal considering the age of 59 years.

  • Patient Name: :Farkhanda Amin. , Dubai ( UAE)
    Ailment : Osteo - Arthritis
    Healer :Prakash Balgopal

    In the year 2002, I had severe osteoarthritis in both of my knee joints and was consigned to the wheel chair. According to the doctors opinion the ultimate remedy was the surgery for which only 50% chances of recovery were assured. Hence I was not ready to take the risk, I approached Homeopathy, Acupressure. Acupuncture, message therapy etc. and even in Kuwait Hospital, they put me on physiotherapy for 3 months. But nothing seemed to help me. Then someone recommended to go for the pranic healing and I came to pranic healing therapy center in Karama, Dubai where my healing continued for three months.

    After about 3 sessions I started feeling relief. By the time I finished one month the situation improved considerably which motivated me to learn Pranic Healing. Within three months, I was back to normal life. By now I had done all the levels of pranic healing and started practicing at the center where I got healed . My life since then physically and emotionally been changed and now I am a full time professional practicing pranic healing in Judy Coles Clinic in Jumerah.

    Thanks to GMCKS Pranic Healing Centre, Master Choa Kok Sui who rediscover this technique to the world and to my healer, my guru (teacher) Prakash with the bottom of my heart and I strongly recommend to everyone who is suffering from any physical or psychological ailment to take and to learn and change their lives like it has for me.

  • Patient Name: :Darwish Abdul Karim, Sharjah (UAE)
    Ailment : Deformity of Lower Limbs since childhood. Can walk With Crutches only
    Healer :Prakash Balgopal

    The Patient came to the Centre on crutches as his lower limbs where swollen at birth with barely 20% flexibility in the joints was operated and was undergoing Psysiotherapy. Within less than two months of Pranic Healing the patient was able to walk without Crutches or support. Subsequent to the healings, the spine was still not 100% flexible. The healing continued for a further period of two months. He now walks quite freely. This note is being written on his behalf, as he is unable to express himself freely in English.

    Medical Test Reports has been enclosed by the patient.

  • Patient Name: :Connie D'Souza, Dubai
    Ailment : Stroke
    Healer :Prakash Balgopal

    Had a blood clot in the left side of brain. It blocked the vein and I had a brain stroke, which paralysed my full right side. I had been treated in Hinduja Hospital and I was walking with the
    aid of a walking stick (After being paralysed completely on my right side) My right side of face had gone back to normal after treatment in Hinduja Hospital. But I was walking with a walking stick and I could not hold anything in right hand.

    My experience with Pranic therapy is amazing. I have been cured of my defect of walking and my hand movement is regular. It took me about 16 session with Prakash to walk regularly. My hand movement was amazing after 2 sessions itself. I recommend Pranic therapy for anyone who needs it. I has worked wonders for me.