• ...I have been associated with the Sleeping Prophet, Edgar Cayce at a very young age... I could meditate and was accustomed to a spiritual vibration that was to disappear over the next few years, following his death...I had not been able to meditate, see auras, chakras or spiritual beings most of those 50 years...until I became aware of GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui's Pranic Healing...Dr. Mendoza played a self-guided Meditation on Twin Hearts with Self Healing CD with GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui's voice leading the meditation...I could not believe my heart... happy and healing and meditating, for the first time in decades!..To understand the magnitude of respect and gratefulness due to Master Choa...who gave the Twin Hearts Meditation to humanity...is even more profound.

    —Thomas Jefferson Davis

  • My Patient is a music therapist who suddenly lost 85% of his hearing. Doctors evaluated, tested and told him that nothing can be done to recover his hearing tone. His wife who is a Pranic Healing graduate suggested to him to do Meditation on Twin Hearts regularly. Following his wife's suggestion, the patient continued to listen to the Meditation everyday and sometimes not even meditating. After two weeks of listening to the meditation, suddenly his hearing returned to normal and he was able to continue with his profession as a music therapist. He attributed his miraculous healing to Meditation on Twin Hearts.

    —Stefan Weiss

  • ...During the surgery I presented intense bleeding that worried the surgical team... and was informed that I might require a second surgery anytime. I asked my daughter, who is a surgeon and assisted in the surgery, that she put the Meditation CD on, so that I could listen to it...In the morning the Chief Surgeon (who was suppose to operate on me) noted that the bleeding was under control. I was discharged from the hospital on the same morning...

    —Sonia Maria Grassi, Psychologist

  • As a school administrator, I mediate stressful and negative situations among students, parents and co-workers. By practicing the Meditation on Twin Hearts for Peace and Illumination, I am able to resolve conflicts and respond in a more calm and compassionate manner. I utilize positive thoughts and emotions to find solutions in a constructive way.

    —Sandra Washington, Educator

  • … After the Twin Heart Meditation with all my friends, I feel as if I am achieving the great yogic state. My mental state has changed from what it was before…I have been blessed with spirituality, good health & prosperity along with my friends.

    —Praveen Kumar

  • ...I have been using the Meditation on Twin Hearts since 1996…Less stress, a more centered and compassionate outlook and better overall health. I am a substance abuse counselor and have been able to utilize this meditation in my work…noting significant positive effects in their progress, while in treatment. Only a brief period of time listening to the guided meditation leaves one feeling centered, energized, and serene.

    —Moses McCluskey, Substance Abuse Counselor

  • Meditation on Twin Hearts has made a profound impact in my life in the last two years since I started regular meditation. It has increased my healing ability, changed the way I view life, and my purpose in life and my role in this time of great change. Meditation on Twin Hearts is my daily opportunity to become a true channel of needed blessings to all people and Mother Earth.

    —Mark Wieczorek

  • Here's what people from all over the world had to say about the effects of MTH:

    … The meditation has brought in us energy awareness and hence motivated us to learn Pranic Healing…we find ourselves moving towards the spiritual path, Good health, abundance and prosperity…"We are happy, healthy and enjoying every moment of our lives"…Great great thanks to Grand Master Choa Kok Sui for giving us Twin Heart Meditation…

    —L. Kiran Bangalore, India

  • ...Meditation on Twin Hearts has expanded my conception of the world and my place in it. I am aware of my connection with the Earth and its people. Meditation increases my energy and helps me focus on teaching, writing, and lawyering. I am grateful for the inner peace, love, and understanding gained by meditating regularly.

    —Ken Klee, Professor of Law

  • …I remember my tears flowing profusely during the meditation…as if I had unburdened something heavy I had been carrying…I have become more understanding of myself and others; more tolerant, and less easily angered…It is easier to smile, to work, and to give. Life is good!

    —Imelda P. Viloria, M.D.


    …I seemed to have been whirled out of space feeling almost bodiless…I felt the crown center opening up like a lotus-cup…irradiating and containing more light…the lotus petals in my heart center were pulsing…I felt an outreaching love for all mankind…I emerged…feeling cleansed, purified and energized…Meditation…is truly the language of ecstasy, of bliss consciousness, of Divine presence.

    —Dr. Rolando A. Carbonell, PH.D., D.D., Litt.D



    ...When our son, Ashish, drowned accidentally at the age of 26, the darkness descended on us...My doctor offered me anti-depressants, which I refused to take as I realized that they would not cement my broken heart. ...I commenced doing the Meditation on Twin Hearts on a daily basis...the will to live started reasserting itself and the energy which I had been putting into grieving was transformed into an explosion of creative energy...We are grateful and eternally indebted to Master Choa Kok Sui for this.

    —Dr. Hazel Wardha



    Four years ago, I got hit by a car…a fractured fibula and several sutures on my right leg gave me constant pain which could not be alleviated by medication or pain-killers because I was allergic to it. At the same time, I was going through emotional upheavals brought about by separation and pending divorce. Pranic Healing and the daily practice of Meditation of Twin Hearts eased tremendously the physical and emotional trauma that I was going through. It allowed me to function properly and even perform outstandingly in various areas of my life with great facility…

    —Cynthia de Leon, Administrator


  • My experience of doing Meditation on Twin Hearts from past one year has really shown me a path in spirituality…by Meditation on Twin Hearts I have started to know spirituality & subtle energy (Their presence and uses)… I personally feel that Twin Hearts is a huge step in my quest for spirituality and to attain my goal of knowing ultimate reality… I am able to attain my long cherished dreams in spiritual path.

    —Chandan CP