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A paradise insulated from the outside world by magnificent natural formations.




Preserved from the encroachment of humanity by a deep gorge and lake on one side, and by verdant valleys and hills on the other. Through its declaration as a National Forrest Land, the International Ashram of Grand Master Choa Kok Sul will retain its solitude even while remaining in contact with and in proximity to the 'outside' world. Approximately 70 kilometers from Pune, near the small village of Nive, and approximately three and a half hours by road from Mumbai.


The Ashram is conveniently accessible to Mumbai's International Airport, as well as to railway and road. The GMCKS Arhatic Yoga Ashram is designed as a self contained project with well defined and separate areas for Spiritual Practice, common utilities and a residential area that provides comfort and privacy, and promotes fellowship among aspirants who seek to grow spiritually.


During the monsoons, waterfalls cascade down the steep mountainsides, rivulets gurgle across stone-strewn path and birds chirp good mornings.The green grass whispers to the breeze and cotton wool clouds come down to kiss the mountains. The rich colors of the brilliant sunsets almost give a glimpse of heaven and the elephant-head rocks gaze benevolently down the valley. In this magnificent, exclusive, isolated environment, Grand Master Choa Kok Sul has created the first International Center for intensive personal and spiritual development. In this pristine atmosphere an individual is inspired to evolve through the structured and guided intensive practice of Arhatic Yoga.


The Ashram is designed with a large residential area and an exclusive spiritual zone. Spread over 107 acres of forestland and natural surrounding, this modern Ashram combines homey comfort and focused yogic practices. The Spiritual Zone is the heartbeat of the Ashram. Set in the midst of serene sylvan surroundings it consists of a large Meditation Hall, adjacent area for physical exercise, pathways, gardens, amphitheater.


Always you may find solitude in landscaped areas as well as plenty of natural open spaces for individual meditation, inner reflection and for the journey of the self. The Ashram is a place where Arhatic Yogis can synthesize Spiritual practice, rest from the turbulent world, and achieve Inner Peace. Deliberately chosen in a pristine location, The MCKS Arhatic Yoga Ashram is located where the natural environment will be conducive to Spiritual Growth, through the Practice of Arhatic Yoga. In this environment, one may achieve cosmic expansion of consciousness and union with one's spiritual self - free from negative thoughts and mental and emotional stress. Through the companionship of like minded Arhatic Yogis from around the world, the Practitioner will be renewed and refreshed by an abundance of fresh, natural Prana from nature, amidst the sun, the moon, the earth, the wind and the stars.


The Ashram is designed as a Center for renewal, enrichment and rejuvenation. Programs designed by Grand Master will lead the Arhatic Yogi Practitioners thru a Journey of the Self, bringing about the Evolution of the Body, Mind and Soul. Residential Units are available for Arhatic Yoga Practitioners