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Arhatic Yoga - The Yoga of Synthesis


"Arhatic Yoga" is a synthesis of various yogic techniques, including powerful meditations and energy-generating physical and breathing exercises, integrated into a step-by-step system that rapidly and safely accelerates the spiritual development of the practitioner. “Arhatic" derives from the word Arhat, which means "a perfected one," or "a highly evolved being." An Arhat is one who, through diligent practice of yogic techniques and purposeful character-building, has overcome the impurities of desire and will. An Arhat has well developed intuition, advanced mental powers, highly refined emotions and a strong desire to contribute personally to the uplifting of humanity.


Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, the Chinese-Filipino spiritual master who is also the modern founder of Pranic Healing, created Arhatic Yoga to enable people of various formal religious beliefs or philosophies, to have access to inner teachings that make it easier for them to pursue spiritual development while at the same time maintaining a 'normal' life. This means that in Arhatic Yoga, the individual who wishes to pursue the spiritual path need not retreat from the world, their career or their current relationships. In fact, these pursuits are used to help the individual to further develop, through the daily challenges and interactions, as well as difficulties that may occur within the family, in the office, or in the contemporary lifestyle.


Arhatic Yoga has been specifically designed to allow the practitioner to maintain their initial religious or philosophic practice. Practitioners may even improve or become more dedicated to their faith through this system of personal and spiritual development. Arhatic Yoga is further distinguished by its multi-leveled approach and its focus on purification, character-building and service. All Arhatic Yoga practitioners begin at the "Preparatory Level," where they learn the basics of spiritual development, as well as the fundamental meditations and breathing exercises, or pranayama, that get their physical and energy bodies ready for the great amount of energy that their practice will generate at the higher levels of Arhatic. But first, they must build a clean and strong energetic base at the Preparatory Level.


Clean Energy Body
Kundalini is the innate energy that resides near the base of the spine. When stimulated, this Energy can be used to accelerate spiritual development. However, when this energy is activated spontaneously or without proper guidance or direction, it can produce a host of unpleasant physical and emotional symptoms, and may even cause financial or material reversals. Arhatic Yoga's emphasis on purification greatly minimizes the risk of kundalini syndrome. Meditation, along with physical and breathing exercises, increases the size of the chakras, or energy centers, but it is character-building that keeps them large and powerful.
Character Building
In Arhatic Yoga, there is a strong focus on Character Building, including concepts based on Good Thoughts, Good Words, and Good Actions. Other aspects of Character are emphasized including Generosity and Non-Stealing, Moderation and Non-Excessiveness, and Loving Kindness and Non-Injury. Through actively practicing these positive aspects of character, and by consciously strengthening any character weaknesses, the addition of negative Karma is mostly avoided. Spiritual Development does not mean that the practitioner should give up his religious inclination, but rather that he or she becomes better and even more dedicated to their personal religious, or philosophic tradition.
Develop of Golden Body
In addition, Arhatic Yogi’s becomes increasingly more dedicated to Serving and uplifting humanity, more Balanced, much calmer and better equipped to deal with the stresses of our modern lifestyle. The increased interest in Service accelerates their Good Karma, leading them to experience greater success, happier relationships and a healthier perspective on life. In the ‘Higher Arhatic’ levels of advancement, more Advanced Yogic Practices are shared. You may learn detailed information about the development of the Golden Body, about how to develop your intuitive facility and how to achieve Oneness, or Samadhi with your Higher Soul, leading you along the path to greater Illumination. If you are relatively healthy, can follow simple instructions and can stick to a regular routine, Arhatic Yoga may be of interest to you. Arhatic Yoga teaches a moderate approach to Spirituality and considers, the worldly needs as well as the spiritual needs of the practitioners


Arhatic Yoga


Preparatory Level


1. The Five Pillars of Arhatic Yoga

These are the fundamental principles that encourage the Arhatic practitioner to create a more balanced spiritual and material life.


2. The Arhatic Meditations

The Arhatic Meditations are designed to create the balanced development of the Arhatic Practitioner. The aspects of Will (Sat), Intelligence (Chit) and Love (Ananda) are strengthened in the practitioner, through the use of regular, varied meditations.


Meditation on Twin Hearts (Planetary Meditation for Peace)

This meditation uses the Prayer of St Francis to bless all of mankind, with divine love and loving-kindness, and with peace. Regular practice of this meditation brings about inner peace, healthier personal relationships, stress relief, and greater productivity. (Bhakti Yoga)


Kundalini Meditation
This special meditation combines the circulation of kundalini with divine energy throughout the energy system of the practitioner. This results in the systematic cleansing, energizing and balancing of the aura and chakras. It also extracts pent-up emotions and negative thought patterns which may otherwise prevent the practitioner from advancing. (Kundalini Yoga)


Meditation on the Soul
The various levels of this meditation increase the ability of the practitioner to reach a greater degree of alignment and a more deeply satisfying connection with the Higher Soul. (Raja Yoga)


Arhatic Dhyan
This advanced meditation enables the practitioner to develop through the practice of prolonged Stillness and Awareness. Regular practice also develops the ability the meditator to better remember their inner experiences while meditating.


3. Transmutation of Sexual Energy

This enables the practitioner to enhance creativity, as well as develop more accurate intuition and sharpness of mind.


4. Kundalini Syndrome

Prevention of and remedies for this multi-symptomatic condition.


5. Character-Building and Service

Creating good karma for oneself and one's family, through developing strong principles and by developing the heart through serving humanity on a regular schedule.